Pezzani Design

Flip-open wall table/shelf. This item with its minimal design it is characterized by: - minimum encumbrance when closed (only 2.5 cm deep) - lightness of the shelf, made of aluminum only 4 mm thick (solid and resistant) - fine finishing (sablé finishes). It can be used as a service table, desk, and any other need for temporary support. The 2 folding steel brackets that support the shelf, are very strong and functional, and allow a load of 20 kg. By lifting the shelf, they automatically lock into the open position and by pressing the 2 buttons simultaneously, they are easily unlocked to close the shelf. You do not need any effort to follow through the fall of the shelf as, being of aluminum, it is extremely

Measures cm 90x50 aperto/open - 2,5 chiuso/closedxh



Sandblasted ardesia Metallux light bronze Sandblasted white Sandblasted black Metallux gold Sandblasted copper Sandblasted sand Sandblasted dove-grey Sandblasted blue Sandblasted bronze
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