Pezzani Design

The refined structure of this magnificent table, whose design is inspired by the tour Eiffel in Paris, is made of very strong steel coloured with our sandblasted finishing. It perfectly matches with the sophisticated glass tops that are available in three different variants. The first one is an elegant toughened transparent glass 10 mm thick, smoke grey or bronze coloured, that lets the imponent structure shine trough. The second is the exclusive hot forged glass. This variant is provided with 10 mm thick smoke grey or bronze glass, heated in an oven at 740°, then pressed to obtain a finely wavy effect, reminding slightly rippled water surface. As an alternative to these two variants, you can choose innovative extra-clear glass tops digitally printed with Sahara noir, Emperador brown or Calacatta white marble decoration. The brightness and reflections of extraclear glass, combined with extraordinary quality of highresolution printing, make the marble decoration amazing.

Measures cm 200/240x100/110x75h




Toughened bronze glass


Metallux light bronze Sandblasted black
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